The glamping show is the premier event in the glamping calendar and a must for prospective owners looking to get their new business up and running. Thousands of landowners from all over the world descend on this internationally recognised event to see structures, stalls and attend seminars and presentations from leading industry experts. In case you missed it this year, here are some of our top observations.

1. International attendance
The UK is one of the pioneering countries in the glamping movement, with many others around the world looking to follow suit and capitalize on this popular trend. We noticed a big influx of visitors from all over and we’re excited to see the progression and ideas for sites across the globe. We spoke to landowners in Russia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Italy, Singapore, and South America to name just a few! We also saw a large representation of Irish developers, so it will be interesting to see how Glamping unfolds here too.

2. Early-stage owners
As one would suspect there were many attendees in the very early stages of their projects. With glamping becoming so popular many landowners are looking curiously to see if they could take advantage of this growing movement. The reality is the market is becoming increasingly competitive and is by no means an easy way to make a quick buck.

3. Shepherds Huts and Eco Pods – the popular choice?
Another thing we noticed was the demand for Shepherds Huts and Eco Pods. Perhaps the flood of these structure types to the market has led to owners to believe these are the ‘in thing’ and offer the best opportunity for success? Or maybe, the fact they’re so easy to set up, with many options delivered ready-made? However, from a marketing point of view, our advice would be to get creative and do something different. We’re not denying the popularity of both pods and huts in recent times, however, we’re worried that the expansion may be nearing its limits. The market is becoming overly saturated with too many similar structure types, so if you really want to succeed you need to be doing your own thing.

4. Diversification
We also noticed that a large proportion of attendees tended to come from landowners with already established businesses. Essentially these are landowners looking to diversify, which made up the highest number of prospective owners. The majority of these are, of course, farmers, but we also spoke to landowners with a number of varied businesses from foresters to boarding kennels.

5. A place to learn the fundamentals
The glamping show is a great way to gauge the basics and find your feet in the market. The variety of talks and seminars help owners pick up the essentials from setting up your own website to social media promotion. However, despite the show giving a great overview of the glamping landscape the information is generally more suitable for beginners. For more detailed information, we suggest speaking to experts in the field in more depth.

It was also great to see our founder and MD Tim Rees give an informative talk on his current treehouse project. If you would like to see Tim’s presentation at this year’s show please click on the link below.

Beyond Glamping – A True Story

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