While there are many reasons why your children will love a glamping experience, embarking on this trip of a lifetime for the first time can be a little daunting, especially with little ones! To ensure you and your family make the most of your experience, we’ve put together some of our top tips for first-time glamping with the kids:

Pick Appropriate Accommodation

While the thought of a rural yurt in the midst of the countryside may sound idyllic to you, the isolation could be too much for your little ones if they are used to living in a busy environment. Consequently, when planning your glamping trip, it is important to think about what type of abode your children will feel most comfortable in; while some may love the novelty of a treehouse, others may prefer the cosiness of a cabin. Similarly, you should also consider what type of facilities you’ll need as a family, especially if you are holidaying with very young children who may need changing regularly. These may include access to running water, bathroom facilities or an indoor kitchen.

One of our treehouse abodes here at Quality Villas

Get Them Excited

Experiencing anything for the first time can often make children feel anxious, and glamping may be just the same. To put your little ones at ease, get them excited by treating your glamping trip as a fun new adventure that you can all enjoy together, exploring new places and trying lots of great activities. As well as discussing some of the things you might do and see during your stay, encourage your children to bring some special items or activities that they can do to keep them entertained on quieter days. Colouring pencils, books, toys and games are all great items that they can pop in their bags!

Two children peering over a hedge and smiling

Pack Home Comforts

Whether you are glamping in Dorset or taking a trip to Wales, packing a few home comforts will enhance your children’s glamping experience and make them feel like they are visiting a home away from home. Blankets, cuddly toys, socks and pyjamas are all items that can make your children feel relaxed by creating a more familiar and homely environment, no matter what type of abode you’re staying in.

A person holding a teddy bear with their hand

Prepare for All Types of Weather

The British weather is known for its unpredictability; as such, it is important to prepare for every eventuality when it comes to packing clothing for a glamping trip. Even if you are heading off in the height of summer, be sure to pack a range of clothing to suit all climates and keep your little ones warm and dry if the weather takes a turn. A pair of wellies is always a must as well as a waterproof coat. If you’ve planned a glamping trip for later in the year, hats, gloves and scarves are also essential items to ensure your children stay toasty!

A child wearing blue patterned wellies and standing in a river

Be Mindful of Your Children

Finally, while a glamping trip is a perfect time to unwind, it’s important to keep an eye on your little ones during your stay to ensure they remain safe and sound. While the majority of our glamping abodes are perfectly family-friendly, it’s a good idea to explore them with your children first upon arrival to identify any particular areas that you may want to designate as out of bounds – for instance, a wooded area or riverbank. Once you and your little ones have set the boundaries, leave them to explore and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while you sit back and relax close by.

Children running together through a wooded area

If you’re thinking of treating your little ones to their first glamping trip, here at Quality Unearthed, we’ve got a stunning range of glamping abodes that are ideal for the whole family, from magical treehouses to super-cosy shepherd’s huts. Contact one of our team members today to start planning a glamping experience that they’ll never forget!

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