Top Tips For Spending Quality Time With The Family -

top tips for spending quality time with the family

In our modern day culture, we are busier than ever with work, education, extracurricular activities, hobbies, fitness and the all the rest of it! At times, it can be difficult to schedule in quality time with your other half or your family members. Statistics show that on average, we only spent 36 minutes of quality time with our loved ones each day, totalling to just three weeks over an entire year! It’s time to make a change and to make the little time you do spend together as special and high quality as possible, so here are our top tips to make the most of your time:

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1. Make a Plan

When your schedule is incredibly busy, sometimes the only way to get the much-needed quality time you’re after is to schedule it in. You should try to plan a one-hour minimum (daily where possible), whether this is simply sitting down and enjoying a home-cooked meal together, or heading out for a long walk in the sunshine. Make ‘Movie Mondays’ a thing or ‘Sunday Swimming’ and commit to doing that activity every week. If you can’t manage an hour a day in the week, then make up for it on the weekends by spending a few hours doing something enjoyable together!

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2. Enjoy a Digital Detox

The digital world is undeniably all consuming, from the world of social media to work emails, video games and world news, but sometimes you simply have to give it all a break. It isn’t good for your eyes, your health or your relationships. It is of paramount importance that we all spend at least a small portion of our days away from a digital screen and enjoy the company of those around us. Why not try putting your phone away for 1-2 hours before bed? Or having Saturdays as a technology-free day (unless vital). This can help to improve your sleeping patterns and allow you to enjoy some family time without the distractions!

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3. Take Some Time Away

Who can say that they don’t love heading off on holiday or for a weekend break? Well, now you’ve got a fantastic excuse to book a little getaway so that you can enjoy some quality time with one another. A glamping trip is the perfect opportunity for quality time, getting back to nature, enjoying a digital detox and being able to enjoy each other’s company with little to no distractions! Here at Quality Unearthed, we’ve got a wide range of properties to suit all of your needs, from cosy cabins for a romantic retreat, to larger abodes to fit all the family! Whether you pick a trip glamping in Cheshire, Devon, Pembrokeshire or one of our many other locations, we’re sure that this will bring you all together as a family to create happy memories!

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4. Invest in Board Games

Although we’re sure that during your quality time you’ll have plenty to talk about, playing a board game is a wonderful form of entertainment that promotes quality time. Take your pick from the family favourites from Scrabble and Jenga to Operation and Monopoly (just don’t let your competitive side get the better of you)! You can discuss your day; talk tactics and relish in the laughter, as you all get involved in the family fun.

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5. Make an Ideas Jar

An ideas jar will help you to feel inspired and get you excited to spend time together as you won’t have to spend hours contemplating what you could do. Get everyone in the family to add in their favourite ideas to the jar on a regular basis, then when you have a day together (or even just an hour or two) you can pick out an activity and be a little spontaneous! The kids will love it and so will you!

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6. Make Every Journey an Adventure

This idea is perfect for the kids! Every time you go out, be it to the supermarket or on the walk to school, make it an adventure. You can plan a treasure hunt along the way, play eye-spy, go Geocaching or take on a photography mission. This will engage all in conversation and let the inquisitive and creative minds run free on every trip spent together.

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7. Start a Project

Embarking on a challenging project with your loved one or family members is a great way to fill your time, and have fun too! Rather than challenging yourself to finish your newest TV box set before the end of the month, why set yourselves a project such as re-decorating a room? It’ll need to be something that everyone can contribute to, and something everyone will enjoy, but there are so many ideas that you could test out! You could even challenge yourselves to build a treehouse or your own quirky glamping abode in your back yard. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll join our collection of glamping opportunities?

Spending time together as a family is so important, benefitting children and adults alike by increasing their happiness, sense of well-being and health overall! We all know that it is important, so it is time to make a change and ensure that we manage to spend as much quality time with our families and loved ones as possible!

Have you got any other ideas on spending quality time together? We’d love to hear from you on our social channels!

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