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treehouse dreaming

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Do you remember the days when trees were your playground?

Warm hazy days were spent wading through fields of golden barley in search of untrodden hide outs and promises of hidden treasure. Back then trees were our watchful eye, our leg up to view what awaited us on the horizon. And, if we were really lucky they would be our bed for the night (well if you had a mate with a really cool DIY dad).

So what happened? Why have we forgotten our forest friends who fed our hunger for adventure?…and don’t say it’s because we grew up.

Quality Unearthed are on a mission to reconnect us with our lapsed childhood companions.

A little while back BBC’s Human Planet documented the Korowai in Papua New Guinea moving into their new house, a treehouse 30 metres up in the jungle canopy. In South Africa the trunk of a Baobab tree has been transformed into a bar, it has seen punters travelling from miles around for a brew. A little closer to home, Quality Unearthed have sought out a few hidden treehouses that they would like to share with you.

The Bensfield treehouseTTH (49) situated in Wadhurst, Sussex, recalls the romantic novel; The Swiss Family Robinson. With a rope bridge to transport you into a tranquil retreat you can quite happily leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and in its place welcome relaxing afternoons amidst the woodlands.

In heavenly Devon lies a treehouse sculpt cosily around an Acorn tree, alluring anyone seeking a peaceful, romantic break or somewhere unusual to celebrate a special occasion.

Go on…reconnect with the branches of your youth.

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