Dubai-based company Access Infra Africa (AIA) are set to launch what has been hailed as Africa’s largest privately owned solar plant in Uganda this year, which coincides with plans to advance with electricity projects in as many as 17 African countries, mainly focused around renewable energy.

Rows of solar panels creating renewable energy - Quality Unearthed

The company have set aside £318m to fund power generation plants between now and 2018, which will include Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, and Tanzania.

An International Energy Agency (IEA) report estimated in October 2014 that there are around 620 million people residing in sub-Saharan Africa, and quite shockingly, in this day and age, two thirds of the population lack access to electricity. The IEA are now estimating that its energy demands would increase by an astounding 80 per cent by 2040.

The plans will see the region’s power generation capacity increase fourfold if IEA forecasts are achieved, with renewable energy accounting for about 45 per cent.

It has been stated that by 2018, the AIA portfolio would generate almost 1GW of electricity, which would account for enough energy for around 700,000 homes!

The existing 10MW solar and wind power station in Uganda, provided by Access Infra Africa, will start generating electricity later this year. This will be the first of its plants to become fully operational.

Thanks to two institutions, London-based Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, and FMO, the Netherlands’ development bank, who provided debt funding for 70-80 per cent of the project’s costs, Access Infra Africa now only have to commit the remainder in equity.

Many of our abodes at Quality Unearthed, including our glamping holiday hut in Dorset, offer solar powered facilities. We fully support the use of renewable resources.

Image: ChristofferRiemer  under Creative Commons.

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