Eco-driving has taken another stride forward with the announcement that there will be trials for designated lanes for electric cars that charge the vehicle as they drive along these specially designed sections of road.

Looking out from the control panel of an electric car on the way to a luxury camping South Wales glamping trip

It’s a really encouraging sight to see, in that companies and agencies are willing to see the bigger picture in order to do more for our environment. Whether you have an electric car or not, you will be able to appreciate just how cool this advancement is.


Just take a moment to think about how awesome it would be to never have to think/worry about pulling over to fuel up your car again. Essentially, this is exactly what Highways England has in mind with the planned implementation for drivers of electric cars, and if this was to become effective we would certainly see a better environment to enjoy luxury camping South Wales breaks, among other beautiful locations.


This plan is to have vehicles fitted with wireless technology and when driven on roads with a special electromagnetic field which generates equipment buried underneath, the car will charge up as a result. There are trials set to be run for a year and a half prior to a formal decision being made and the project shifting to public roads. While this is not the first time such technology has been wheeled out, (in 2013, Gumi in South Korea switched on a 7 and a half miles of road for specific buses), it will be the first time for UK roads.


“Vehicle technologies are advancing at an ever increasing pace and we’re committed to supporting the growth of ultra-low emissions vehicles on England’s motorways and major A roads,” wrote Highways England chief highways engineer, Mike Wilson. “The off-road trials of wireless power technology will help to create a more sustainable road network for England and open up new opportunities for businesses that transport goods across the country.”


Image: Mariordo under Creative Commons.

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