Glamping gives you the opportunity to take some time out for yourself. It encourages you to slow down the pace of life and appreciate the simple things. All too often, with working full time, taking children to school, walking the dog, food shopping and all of the other everyday tasks that go along with it, we can become detached from ourselves and our loved ones around us. Becoming more mindful by becoming more aware of the present moment and indulging in yourself, can help us to reduce stress levels and improve our mental wellbeing.


We want you to get the most out of your glamping break, and not just the sights you see or things you do, but also in your mind and body. In our recent blog, we’ve looked at some of the best ways to help you unwind, so that you can become more engaged in your life and once again, appreciate all the little happenings.


Admire the Night’s Sky from a Hot Tub

Glamping with a hot tub. For an added touch of luxury and to make your break that extra special, why not go glamping with a hot tub? After a day spent exploring the area local to your abode, sinking into the warm and bubbly water and admiring the beautiful surroundings or watching the starry night’s sky is a blissful way to spend the rest of your day, and what’s even better, you can enjoy it every night of your stay!


Cleanse in a Sauna

A sauna water bucket and ladle.

Known to flush out toxins, soothe muscles, improve sleep and cleanse the skin, a stint in the sauna can be a great way to unwind. The space is quiet, warm, and has little distraction from the outside world, with the only task being pouring more water on the hot stones. This room of sanctuary and calm relax your body and mind while giving you that ‘feel good’ sensation when you come out.


Reduce Stress with a Massage

Massage oils and a towel.

Whether you’ve booked a session with a professional masseuse or your partner will be treating you, either way, a massage is a great way to unwind. Relaxing your muscle tissue, increasing blood circulation and promoting the production of serotonin (the happiness compound), is known to help with sleep and improve your mood, amongst other benefits. Choose from a simple hand or foot massage, a facial, neck, back or, go for a full body for the ultimate rejuvenation.



A person meditating.

Allowing yourself time to meditate, whether that’s for five minutes or an entire hour, gives you the chance to truly focus on your body and mind. We can often become cluttered with negative thoughts and stresses, from work, the media and our environment. Taking time to process these and prioritise what is important will leave you feeling much more collected. Meditation allows you to self-develop and grow while giving you the chance to consider your inner needs, which improves your self-awareness. As time goes on, and meditation becomes a habit, you will be more aware of what you think, how you feel and what you want, developing yourself as a much more grounded and calmer individual.


Practise Yoga

A person doing yoga by the sea.

Similar to meditation, yoga allows you to listen to your body and become more in tune with its functions, abilities and the stresses you put them through. You become more mindful of yourself, through different movements, poses, breathing techniques and the meditation that comes with it. Alongside this, it improves your energy levels, flexibility, strength, posture and fitness.


Be Present in Nature

Birds flying across the horizon at sunset.

Getting outdoors and being amongst natural surroundings is a fantastic way to beat the blues! An untouched and wild setting, whether that’s a woodland, lake, mountain, beach, watching a sunset or taking five to look at the full moon, can reaffirm what matters in life, and more importantly, what matters to you! A beautiful landscape, one that has skin-tingling views, can really put things into perspective.


A break away from the normalities of life, whether that’s for a week or a weekend can leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world once again and glamping provides a unique setting and accommodation which encourages you to do just that! Whether you’re planning a digital detox during your break, or you simply want to slow down the pace of life a little, there’s never been a better time.

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