As the thought of thousands of revellers departing their Glastonbury glamping experience of a lifetime this weekend surrounded by inspirational people and ideas for upcycling it reminded us of the story of two talented men who are making the most of something that would normally be disregarded or left to rot, transforming it back to life in another capacity.
Upcycled Bicycle Made From A Condemned Urban Tree- Masterworks Woodwork- Inspirational Ideas For Glamping LoversBill Holloway and Mauro Hernandez, make up the team at Masterworks Woodworking and they successfully salvage condemned city trees in order to create amazing bicycles from the fated trees. The story of these bikes goes from the felling of a family’s guardian tree, through the woodworking process, until finally the bike is created into a striking work of art you can ride.

The ingenious pair are self-taught in their craft, and the custom bikes offer an offshoot of their larger woodworking and detailing business. Bill’s a proud native San Franciscan, and his family has deep roots here. The dynamic between him and Mauro is a fascinating one that combines their love of woodwork with friendly rivalry.

Watch the video of their incredible work here:

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