This isn’t the sort of thing you would expect to stumble upon while glamping in Wales! Scientist John Paul Jones discovered a total of six fossilised dinosaur eggs in south eastern Montana but wasn’t just happy with his incredible find and the scientist at Mississippi State University wants to learn more about an egg that’s thought to be 70-million years old.
Dinosaur Eggs | 70 Million Years Old | Sent To Wales Mr Jones is taking things further in his quest for information as he is sending one of the prehistoric eggs to the National Museum of Wales in the United Kingdom to use their synchrotron scanner. So although you might be uncovering these eggs, they are still not a million miles from where you’re staying. The synchrotron scanner will be effective as it is essentially a very powerful, oversized x-ray.

Jones says this egg is a very rare find. “This is the whole egg, with the embryo intact inside.”

While currently unable to identify precisely the types of eggs, they are understood to be from a group called Hadrosaur that often is called the duck-billed dinosaurs.

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