When you arrive at your luxury glamping Wales location, or when searching for the yurts North Wales has for a vacation you’ll no doubt see the solar powered showers. This is all part of the clean living holiday you are enjoying and it works wonderfully. But what better way is there to prove the potential of renewable solar energy than to sail around the world in a boat that’s running on nothing but that solar energy?
Solar Powered Catamaran- 100% Renewable Energy- Like our Luxury Glamping Holiday ShowersThe idea was thought up in 2004 by a man from Switzerland by the name of Raphaël Domjan who is the CEO of PlanetSoloar SA. Four years later, in 2008, the bold dream gained traction when Raphaël Domjan met Immo Stroeher, a German entrepreneur and an supporter of solar technology. The two adventurous men built the fantastic ship in around a year and a half at the HDW shipyard in Kiel, Germany. The catamaran is 98 feet long and 52 feet wide. It is topped with over 5,380 square feet and over 38,000 high efficiency solar cells. Amazingly, the solar cells charge over 8.5 tonnes of batteries which when fully charged have the ability to power the ship for as many as 3 days with no sunlight whatsoever.

Tûranor PlanetSolar was unveiled to the public on February 27, 2010. Tûranor in Elvish translates to “Power Of The Sun” in English.

On September 27th 2010 the ship set sail from the famous port of Monaco on its maiden voyage to travel around the globe. The ship returned to Monaco on May 4 2012- that’s just 584 days after hitting a mammoth 52 ports of call. The voyage was not only ground-breaking but also allowed for unique opportunities to meet the public and promote solar energy.

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