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video: love between two species as sea turtle thanks divers for his rescue

As you read the headline you may be wondering what this has to do with glamping Pembrokeshire abodes, Devon treehouses or Yurt vacations. Well honestly it doesn’t directly relate but when I first saw this video (see below) I felt a sense of the togetherness that humans are capable of when they show the potential compassion and empathy that is in almost every human being.
Sea Turtle Embracing Diver After He's Freed From Entanglement Divers Colin Sutton and Cameron Dietrich were diving off the coast of Mexico when they came across a sea turtle that had unfortunately managed to become tangled up in the rope attached to a buoy. Though the majestic turtle is almost as big as the divers, due to the severity of his entanglement he wasn’t able to free himself until the two compassionate men came to the rescue, spending a lengthy amount of time removing the rope from his left fin, before seeing him set free with full use of his fin once again.

However before he swam of into the distance, the magnificent sea dwellers turned around and surprised his rescuer with a beautiful show of appreciation.

Watch the heart-warming video here:

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