When you’re en route to your holiday for a spot of glamping in Pembrokeshire or somewhere equally as tranquil you will no doubt drive by some wind turbines. If Saphon, a company who design wind turbines have anything to do with it then the future of wind power could take on a significantly different look.
Saphon Zero Blade Wind Turbine Technology
The company who are from Tunisia have claimed they have put together a cheaper and more efficient version than the current version. The company is keen to find partners to mass-produce and market their unique wind energy device, based on their own Zero Blade technology.

“The Zero-Blade Technology is largely inspired from the sailboat and is likely to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices. The blades are replaced by a sail shaped body while both hub and gearbox are removed.”

The company claim that their zero-blade technology devices are set up to overcome the Betz’ limit, which states that no turbine can capture more than 59.3% of the kinetic energy of the wind. As it stands the average wind turbine only captures roughly 30-40%, while the Saphon turbine is being touted as 2.3 times more efficient. Additionally, the cost is estimated to be an impressive 45% less than a conventional turbine, chiefly from the fact that there are no blades, no hub, and no gearbox on the units to be produced.

The Saphon Zero Blade technology is different not just in it build but most significantly in its storage of energy. Most of the kinetic energy is able to be stored (via a hydraulic accumulator) or converted into electricity with the use of a hydraulic motor and generator.

Once the company secures partners they expect to be shipping out these turbines of the future in between 18 to 24 months afterwards.

Watch the video here for more on this amazing new design here:

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