So this amazing new concept of solar roads was brought to our attention last week and what a fantastic idea it is too! The brilliant minds behind Solar Roadways published a video describing their potentially world-changing project earlier this month, but the way they marketed the video and the language they used didn’t really grab the attention of the audiences so a rather exciting remake was produced and has caught the attention of millions of people around the world.

Solar Roadways- Energy-Saving Alternatives- Lighting The Way To Glamping UKThis new video from creator Scott Brusaw, uses the phrase “Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!” which is filled with the excitement and the passion that is needed to catch the eye of pople who can make a difference. It also targets young adult minds while explaining the capabilities of this invention, as the next generation could seriously hold the key to the next stage in human evolution, energy resources and essentially saving the planet.

Watch this video and if we’re not already preaching to the converted then prepare to get excited as this could be the future- imagine travelling to yurts in Wales for your holiday in an electric car on a solar roadway- potentially not just a dream!
Check it out here:

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