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video: spanish island set to be powered purely from 100% natural energy from july

Something to make your yurt holidays more enjoyable in the knowledge that you’re not the only ones who are doing their bit for the environment by choosing these eco-friendly options. A rather exciting new story that could have some major repercussions across for changing energy use across the world once the story of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands, makes big waves in the news when it becomes the first island in the entire world to go completely energy self-sufficient.
El Hierro- World's First Self-sufficient Island-Living Off The GridThe island is set to carry this out via a combination of wind and water power. Of course there have been a number of other islands who’ve developed sustainable energy options, but as of yet none of them have managed to go off the grid completely.

What benefits El Hierro in this wonderful ground-breaking venture is its volcanic landscape. The island is full of mountains that increase sharply from the sea with the tallest reaching 1,500 meters, as well as being buffeted by strong Atlantic gusts, the island has the ideal terrain for a wind farm.

Once the resident power plant, Gorona Del Viento, comes online at the end of this month, and the full 11.5 megawatt capacity is reached over several months, El Hierro’s environmental impact will change drastically. The island will prevent the need 40,000 barrels of oil being shipped to the island annually- at a saving of €1.8 million! CO2 emissions will be cut by a staggering 18,700 tonnes. 100 tonnes of sulphur dioxide, 400 tonnes of NOx, and 7 tonnes of particulates (the equivalent of 1,000 buses driving 280 laps around the island each) will also include in the cuts to make this island a revolutionary destination in energy efficiency.

The island, which is already designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, expects to extend its green credentials by swapping its 6,000 vehicles over to an all-electric option by 2020, as part of a coalition with Renault-Nissan.

Watch the video here:

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