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video: super cool pedal-powered watercraft lets you enjoy the open water in style

Are you tired of the normal ways to go out on the water when you visit the coast? I guess it’s much like when you break away from the norm on holiday and you choose glamping in Devon over a hotel break in a major city. We found the coolest new way to go and enjoy the open water that combines a mixture of leisurely exercise, a retro seaside activity and modern adaptations, and when they’re all rolled into one you get the Schiller X1.
SCHILLER-X1-WATER-BICYCLEThe Schiller X1 is a Pedal-powered watercraft hybrid of a retro pedalo and a conventional bicycle. We like this idea as it gives you the opportunity to travel the shoreline without using any fuel to power up engines etc. We know that the whole pedal-powered thing is nothing new, but with a cruising speed of around 9mph it means when you’re riding the Schiller X1 you’re going rather faster than the traditional pedalos.

Schiller claims it’s the most advanced water bike ever to be made, and there’s no doubting that it certainly has a host of astute features.

The Schiller X1 uses twin oscillating propellers which for those who aren’t up on their engineering this basically means there’s no need for a rudder. Additionally, it has a Gates Carbon drive belt to avoid the problems which come about from running a chain in wet conditions, rust, ceasing up, and the like. Also, it can even go in reverse too which adds an element of fun to the ride.

Company founder Judah Schiller claims that the X1 can be assembled and taken to pieces in ten minutes, pretty swift eh? Not only that but Schiller states that the invention packs down small enough to fit in the boot of a car- but it’s worth noting that he’s from California, so his version of boot space may not quite be the same as ours!

Watch the video of this cool way to travel on the water here:

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