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video: is this swimming at its finest?

It’s not just our glamping tents that allow you to get closer to nature, these sublime natural water swimming pools are possibly one of our new favourite things (apart from glamping of course). Find out all about these wonderful creations, the images and the video too.

Natural Swimming PoolsDavid Pagan Butler who hand-makes these breath taking natural pools says “Your skin and hair feels soft and your eyes don’t sting. It seems as if, every cell in your body is telling you – this is the way swimming should be.”

Natural Swimming Pools

A Natural Swimming Pool is a swimming pool that has clear water as opposed to a pool that is filled with chemicals. These pools are in the completely in the hands of the plants and animals to condition the water for the user of the pool. The results have been recorded as being so effective that tested pools had shown to be of drinking water quality. The greatness of these pools doesn’t stop there though however, through the constant natural process of cleaning provided the water in the pool never requires changing, saving vast amounts of water, money and effort.

Natural Swimming Pools

We are hoping that this will inspire more people to move towards a healthier, more organic lifestyle. The question is will these take off in the UK? One thing for sure is that our beautiful coastline offers a pretty good alternative if you don’t have access to one of these natural pools.

Natural Swimming PoolsCheck out these amazing pools here:

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