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video: the true tale of a man building a tiny timber framed home with friends in the woods

I found out about this story after I was looking for ways to build an off-the-grid home in as cool a way as possible, and quite frankly I fell in love with this one! I’ve been on yurt holidays and they are fantastic, but the magic doesn’t last long enough for me. Going on yurt holidays UK is a super way to get the experience and make some ever-lasting memories, and if you’ve never been or done anything like this then let this story captivate you.
 Natural Homes- Building a tiny timber framed home in the woods with friends- Yurt Holidays UK
This tiny 130sq.ft woodland house can be found in the Dordogne, France and is home to Menthé. Menthé is a French journeyman carpenter, who lives a simple but happy and content life along with other carpenters in the woods. They work as one under the name of copeaux cabana which translates to wood chip cabins in English. The home of Menthé has a curved roof from which he drew inspiration from the 16th century architect Philibert de l’Orme.

Philibert de l’Orme originally designed this kind of roof as it possessed a number of advantages over the architecture at the time. The structure of the roof allowed for the building to be alleviated of the vertical columns and horizontal tie beams which resulted in the creation of more space. The cost was lower than other architects buildings as it used around 60% less wood- making them less vulnerable to fire.

The home rests on timber piers which stand on stones that are on the steep slope of the woodland floor. This offers a south facing balcony that is reminiscent of the design you see on the bow of a ship. The timbers are all hand hewn with axes retaining much of the natural beauty in the curves of the wood.

Watch the video here and get inspired: 

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