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vietnamese architect scoops uk award for tree house in city district

People who live in the cities here will appreciate how Vietnam’s city dwellers might struggle with day to day hustle and bustle and the space, or lack of it, which the homes have for lots of people.  Many homes in Vietnam struggle to even get plant pots in them so renowned architect Vo Trong Nghia chose to show what can be done to change perceptions of space and construct a house that functions as a number of pots for trees, leading to him winning an acclaimed UK award in the process.
House of Tree's- Architecture- Award-winningNot quite the same as the accommodation you get when you go on treehouse holidays in the UK, the innovative architect’s design known as the “House for trees” took this year’s AR House Awards for his outstanding vision receiving a £10,000 prize as an award by the UK’s Architectural Review for the best one-off house.

Nghia proudly received the award in London last week, on behalf of the company he founded, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, and its Japanese partners Masaaki Iwamoto and Kosuke Nishijima.

The impressive house incorporates five separate prismatic blocks, each of which contain a tree planted on its roof, with the design beating off hundreds of other buildings for the top spot.
House of Tree's- Architecture- Award-winning

There’s a feeling that the design has offered an inspirational solution to the city’s ever-growing pollution and absence of green space.

The finished project was completed this year, on 350 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City’s Tan Binh District and was the first of its kind in Vietnam built using a bamboo framework.

The native of the north-central region of Quang Binh said many of his designs drew inspiration from his childhood and tend to be open-air structures bordered by water.
House of Tree's- Architecture- Award-winning

He first became recognised for bamboo-centred buildings including the open-air Hill Restaurant in Mexico as well as the Eco-resort Pavilion and wNw Café and Bar in Binh Duong Province.

The award-winning green buildings aided in making a name for his company, which was named as one of the top 21 architectural firms of the 21st century by the World Architecture News (WAN) in 2012.

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