Science is rarely wrong when it comes to this sort of thing, so when experts confirm that taking a coastal break is guaranteed to provide us with a relaxing experience, who are we to argue?

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A study carried out by Michigan State University has discovered that living in or visiting a location that allows you to see a lot of open blue space, a body of water for example, leads to significantly reduced levels of ‘psychological distress’.

The study, which was conducted in New Zealand, focused on the correlation between a person’s health records and the view they have of the ocean from their abodes.

Other elements were taken into account, such as gender, wealth, and age, and the results revealed that living and holidaying by the sea was a proven way to improve a person’s mental health.

Amber Pearson, one of the co-authors of the study, said that the reason behind these findings is that the brain is able to process natural backdrops in a far superior way to other landscapes. As a result, it reduces sensory stimuli, therefore promoting mental relaxation.

People who like coastal visits will concur that other frequent visitors to the seaside claim the smells and sounds of the ocean aid the promotion of feeling relaxed. These senses didn’t feature as part of the study, but Pearson has acknowledged that more research could be done in the future to see how all the senses work together to help people relax.

With these results, we’re almost certain that these findings could be transferred to all-round naturistic locations, of which our glamping UK breaks a plentiful in, so why not book and see which destination is going to be your relaxation haven, today?

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