As keen nature lovers we are definitely suckers for a cool video of wildlife and nature in its natural habitat. So when rare footage emerged this week of the endangered Albino whale playing and splashing around in the sea with its grey equivalent, joyfully oblivious of how exquisite it is, we just had to share it with you all!

A white albino whale playing with a grey whale a long way from Quality Unearthed

Drones divide the opinion of many, but when used to hovering over the sea off Western Cape in South Africa, the drone is at its finest use, in our humble opinion. It steadily cruises over the waves as it zooms in on the superb mammal having some playtime in the vast open space it calls home.


The video was shot by Anton Schutte, who resides in Cape Town, South Africa. The extraordinary footage was captured in Hermanus, an area in the Western Cape area of South Africa when he spotted the two mammals having a ‘whale of a time’!


Watch the incredible footage here:

We can’t promise albino whales on our Wales yurt holidays but you can expect to see an array of wildlife nonetheless, so why not book in today and see for yourself?


Image and video courtesy of Caters TV

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