One of England’s favourite holiday destinations, the south-west county of Devon is the perfect countryside escape. Surrounded by stunning beaches, diverse moors and historical villages, this slice-of-heaven feels a million miles away from the bustling urban lives that we are all accustomed to living.

Despite its faraway feel, Devon is easily reached by many locations in the UK. Less than three hours on the train from London, or by car from Birmingham, Devon is the perfect place to visit for an impromptu weekend break. If you’re considering glamping in Devon in the near future, take a look at our simple itinerary to discover what you could get up to on your two-day escape.


Day 1, AM – Hit the Beach

Sand dunes and beach in Devon

After your early morning travels, you’ll be glad to breathe in the fresh, country air, and once you’ve dropped your items off at your luxury glamping abode, it’s likely that there will be one thing on your mind. Devon is most famous for its golden beaches that line the north and south coasts of the county, so wherever you are staying, it’s likely that there will be a beautiful coastline for you to enjoy within easy travel distance.

Devon’s beaches are the perfect place to enjoy some sun on your escape. Plan for a day by yourselves by bringing entertainment for any young children and some food for lunchtime before pitching yourself away from the crowds, or you can go to a popular location and enjoy all the amenities that a classic British beach has to offer. Even if the weather is less than helpful, taking a walk along a windswept beach with the waves crashing in and the seagulls chirping is a much more enjoyable experience that you would imagine!


Day 1, PM – Relax at Base Camp

You will be surprised how much energy a day at the beach can take out of you. The mixture of strong sea winds, waves and plenty of fun, combined with your early morning travels, will likely leave you thinking of your new, comfy bed as the sun sets over the hills. However, you should take this night as an opportunity to relax in your weekend abode.

Depending on the facilities available at your weekend hut, pick up some local ingredients from a nearby town and cook yourselves a wonderful, simple meal that you can enjoy deep in the Devonshire countryside. Spend the night sharing funny stories under candlelight or, if you’re lucky, make the most of your included hot-tub!


Day 2, AM – Discover the Moors

Hills and rocks surround a lonely tree in Dartmoor, Devon

While Devon is rightly known for its coasts, it’s true that inland Devon if full of just as many wonders. There are plenty of natural lands that are perfect for a day of getting closer to nature. However, if you can, we would definitely recommend exploring Dartmoor. This giant natural moor covers over 350 square miles in the centre of the county and provides plenty of adventures for you to discover.

Dartmoor is the perfect day out because it provides something for everyone. There are plenty of easy walks through the hills and picnic areas with space for children, while more experienced nature travellers will find just as many challenging paths deep into the wilderness of this untouched natural landscape. It is easy to lose track when exploring Dartmoor – some areas feel like travelling to another world!


Day 2, PM – A special meal

Depending on when you have to travel back, make the most of your last few hours away from the regular routine by spending a night in the nearest town. Enjoy the traditional feel of Devon’s many medieval villages as you do a spot of window shopping before enjoying a final meal together as a group – or maybe a trip to the local pub, depending on your plans!


Devon is the perfect place for a quick escape to nature, so why not treat yourself to a weekend retreat? If you want to know more about this beautiful region, why not take a look at our travel guide to Devon?

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