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Those of you who know the Quality Unearthed brand, understand our ethos of green living and know how proud we are of our Welsh roots; therefore, any news that put Wales on the map for being a leader in sustainable living and conservation is a big tick with us!

Planting lessons at National Botanic Garden of Wales.

The news of the National Botanic Garden of Wales, located just outside the village of Llanarthney in Carmarthenshire, receiving a government-funded grant to push their five-year project ahead has been rejoiced by the Quality Unearthed team. The project, entitled ‘Growing the Future’, is utilising the £2.3m backing to educate people about the power of growing your own food and plants, as well as the importance of pollinators in our eco-systems. With a host of events, including workshops, conferences, festivals and shows (all family-friendly), the garden is providing visitors with invaluable knowledge in green living – as well as copious amounts of fun! The award-winning garden attracts thousands of visitors each year; however, this new project is set to see the garden exceed the figures recorded over the last couple of years and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Discussing the project, the Head of Science at the gardens, Dr Natasha de Vere stated: “Gardens and gardening are part of our way of life and have an incredible amount to offer in terms of health and fitness, as wildlife habitats and as places to secure our food supply. Growing the Future will look at all of these aspects with a special focus on training and engagement.”

The programme follows on from a successful pilot project that saw 5,000 individuals learn how to plant, sow and care for crops and plants, running for three years previously.

The garden is also at the forefront of utilising advanced green technologies to maintain and manage the operations of the garden, and has even allowed them to facilitate some interesting and innovative ideas that minimise their need to rely on natural resources and therefore reduces their eco-footprint. As climate change becomes a worrying concern for many, leading the way in more sustainable living is of paramount importance to ensure we are doing our best to help the Earth. Many of the techniques carried out by the garden may be of use for many in your own homes and workplaces.

If these features and events were not enough, the gardens themselves are an exceptionally picturesque place to visit for families, couples and friends, alike. The main objectives of the gardens are to inspire and educate visitors, which make this attraction a fantastic place for tourists and locals to visit. Set in 560-acres of beautiful countryside, the gardens are home to a phenomenal diversity of wild plants and animals – some of which are notably rare. Flourishing on the fertile soil are around 8,000 plant varieties, whilst in amongst the shrubbery is a host of local wildlife whose habitats reside here. Species include butterflies, birds, lizards, otter and bats.

A stroll through the gardens will offer you a wide variety of sights and scents, in addition to a vast range of knowledge regarding plant evolution and their use within science and medicine. Notable attractions include the world’s biggest single-spanned glasshouse that homes a Mediterranean climate zone where plants native to the Northern Hemisphere grow.

Putting Wales in the forefront of British horticulture, wildlife protection and sustainable living, the National Botanic Garden of Wales is a must-visit for anyone whose interests lie in these areas. If you are interested in getting involved, we recommend keeping an eye on the website to see which events are planned to run during your stay in the area. We have a number of properties that offer luxurious glamping. Cardigan is perhaps your best bet to be located near to the gardens, as well as a host of other attractions.

The National Botanic Gardens of Wales are a charity-run facility, open since 2000. The attraction is considered one of the most-visited gardens in the entirety of Wales, and have won several awards including BBC’s Gardeners’ World ‘No.1 Garden to Visit in Wales’ and a Gold Accolade by Visit Wales in 2016.

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