As glamping UK lovers and advocates of the sustainable and eco-focused intentions of the planet, it is great to hear the news that large chain companies are trying to make a change. Cannock, in the West Midlands can now proudly boast that a Sainsbury’s store in the town, have achieved their project which was to produce enough energy through anaerobic digestion of leftover food so that the supermarket can safely disconnect from the national power grid.
Sainsbury's Cannock | 100% Food Waste-Powered Supermarket | Sustainable FuturesThe programme is working in collaboration with waste recycling company Biffa. All food waste is being transported to Biffa’s nearby plant where it will be transformed into biogas and used for to generate energy. The electricity produced as a result is then sent back to the supermarket via a transmission line that is almost a mile long.

Other good news coming from this promising new development is that the recycling of food waste will not interfere with an existing practice that allows food and poverty charities to have exclusive pick of leftover products of an edible and safe standard. Any leftovers from the charity collections will then be offered to local farmers for their animals, then subsequent food left after then will go into fuelling the anaerobic digester.

Sainsbury’s proudly claims the accolade as the UK’s largest user of energy produced from food waste and anaerobic digestion. Additionally, the food chain also state that none of their food waste goes to landfill.

Sainsbury’s isn’t alone in adopting this technology. Last year the American supermarket chain Ralph’s succeeded in reaching 20% of its energy demands using food waste, and in doing so, Ralph’s became the first ever supermarket on the planet to generate energy in this way. However, it is Sainsbury’s Cannock supermarket that realised its mission to become the first in the world to meet 100% of its energy demands through this process.

Could this mark a revolution in the way the supermarket’s dispose of their food waste?

Click on the infographic below to see how it all works here: (Infographic via Sainsbury’s)

Sainsburys Infographic | Sustainable Futures | Eco-Living

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