We often get asked the question, “what is glamping?” Technically the word itself is created from two others: glamorous and camping – which immediately gives you an idea of what it involves, but there is much more to glamping than a bit of glamour thrown into a camping holiday – it is a unique holiday experience, and for some, even a way of life.

The view looking out of Deerland Safari Lodge UK Glamping in Dorset

In essence, glamping is nothing new – for thousands of years, nomadic people have been travelling with tents, beds and everything needed to sleep, cook and live comfortably while on their travels – although as practicalities of survival were paramount, admittedly it wouldn’t have been overly glamorous for most travelling tribes.

More recently in time, we can look to the African Safari as a precursor to contemporary glamping, where wealthy adventurers took the grandeur of their lifestyles into the African bush. And they certainly didn’t skimp on comfort or personal luxuries during these journeys as no expense was spared.

What it means to us today, however, is something quite different. In daily life, more of us are becoming distanced from the natural environment, busy lives fill up our time and clog up our thoughts, while physically, brick walls, double glazing, central heating, tarmac and concrete further detach us from nature’s touch.

Even if we don’t have a hectic lifestyle or live in an urban jungle we might still miss waking up to birdsong and clean air, or sharing tales and laughter around a campfire, watching our children play in a stream, or building a den together – whatever our age. Socio-biologists’ studies have revealed that there are powerful psychological benefits to spending time in natural environments and that the people underestimate just how invigorated, peaceful and good they would feel after something as simple as a walk in a woodland… well, as far as we are concerned – no surprises there!

Open fields and freedom

The problem is that until recently the only way we could have a ‘back to nature’ holiday was by stuffing the car with a tent and a plethora of equipment (not to mention a collection of gadgets that ‘might come in handy’ – yes ladies, we know who brings those!). We would then spend hours setting up camp, sometimes in less that favourable weather and ‘helped’ by the kids. After a week of trying to sleep on an airbed, we spend hours packing it all up again (why do tents never fit back in their bags?) and head back home and to work in need of another holiday.

This is where glamping holidays in the UK come into play, we still get to experience that wonderful proximity to nature and sense of freedom, but all we have to do is pack our personal items and head off. On arrival, everything is ready for us. The accommodation whether a Gypsy Wagon, Safari tent, Shepherds Hut, Yurt or some other glamping abode is already up and running, the beds are made and the cooking equipment set up – all we need to do is explore and put the kettle on or pour a glass of something a little stronger.

Glamping, therefore, gives those of us who love the great outdoors a chance to get out there and reconnect with the natural world while still enjoying some of the perks of home. It enables our families and us to reap the benefits of a healthy break with fresh air, night skies, campfires, and all the fun and goodness of nature’s gentle, healing ways – in comfort. Some of the comments by people who have been on glamping holidays make for a heart-warming read: parents have spent quality time with their children, couples have gone home engaged or having spent some much-needed time together, and groups of friends have bonded.

The best thing about memories is making them, in short – it is all good stuff!

Hopefully, by now you are no longer wondering ‘what is glamping’, and the only question remaining is which particular style of glamping holiday is right for you. Well, glamping abodes can take some very quirky and wonderful forms so you can also experience something out of the ordinary while enjoying your back to nature break. Take a look at a few we have picked out for you here:


Glamping Dorset













Cabins encompass hideaway huts, woodland cabins, log cabins, shepherd’s huts and beach huts, all of which are part of the certified cabins Quality Unearthed offer. If you want a getaway with a romantic setting, seclusion, comfort and quality, these places will certainly appeal. Our cabins simply ooze cuteness and are undeniably attractive for loved-up couples and families alike. What more could you want if you are looking to get closer to nature while staying in a superb woodland hideout?


The Cwtch eco cabin













Space-age glamping accommodation, with unique designs that never fail to impress! These retro-style and contemporary cabins are perfectly suited for cool glamping breaks. These cosy, well-kept abodes are simply wonderful. You can’t truly explain the warmth and luxury you will experience until you try it for yourself – a snuggly delight, we’re sure you’d agree!

Safari tents

Buttercup safari tent luxury camping abode with Quality Unearthed













Safari tents allow you the pleasure of plenty of space to yourselves and no one around to disturb your luxurious time away. Perfect in so many ways for a romantic break, and something chic and different to the bog-standard city hotel break. Whether booking as a family for a holiday or for a romantic break the safari tents have something to quench the thirst for vacation in accommodation that is sure to create some lasting memories everyone will enjoy.


Interior View at Bensfield Treehouse Sussex













There’s nothing quite like the excitement of staying in your very own treehouse! Treehouse holidays are the perfect place for extraordinary, captivating, thrilling and enchanting holiday experiences to happen for children and adults alike. Treehouses are amazingly popular amongst couples on romantic breaks and families on adventurous getaways. Out of view and nourished by the tree, time in the branches prescribes and dispenses some seriously good therapy.


A glamping gypsy wagon in a field in Dorset, the perfect luxury camping experience.













Looking to try some accommodation bursting with charm and kitsch appeal? Look no further than the stunning vardo caravans and cute gypsy wagons. Does warm and cosy accommodation to snuggle up in is the feel like something you fancy on a staycation? Glamping wagons have just the thing for you; quintessential allure ready to be shared with each and every guest lucky enough to experience it awaits.















Yurt holidays have become popular in the UK thanks partly to intrepid explorers of Mongolia who brought the designs and yurts back with them. Yurt holidays in the UK have become increasingly chicer, and part of the appeal is the sheer comfort and luxury you experience when you choose to stay in one of the abodes. They have existed and kept people safe and warm for thousands of years to which they owe their exceptional qualities and design. You will certainly appreciate your time in a yurt, dining and chatting around a fire, maybe witnessing the dawn bring life to the day and hopefully watching dusk reveal the first stars. These are moments to savour and cherish forever!


Advocates of glamping

Glamping is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, and that includes celebrities. In fact, At the Oscars in 2015, the runners-up in the Best Actor/Actress, Supporting Actor/Actress, and Director categories all received swag bags filled with goodies, including a seven-day glamping trip! Notable celebrities who are known to enjoy a luxury camping break include, Gwyneth Paltrow, Matthew McConaughey, Guy Ritchie, and Solange Knowles. As this is the age of being connected, bloggers have huge influence and as far as glamping is concerned, if you are looking for useful information and a glowing review on this type of vacation, then look no further than these influential bloggers:

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