We travel for all sorts of reasons, be it to see the world or find ourselves and that makes each and every way of travelling wonderfully unique. For example, someone looking to go on a romantic glamping break with their partner is likely to have a very different experience to someone travelling alone who’s hoping for adventure. There’s no right or wrong way to travel and it is this mix of motivations that creates such a diverse community that is fantastic to be a part of. Whether you are looking for a romantic break or an action-packed adventure, we thought we’d explore some of the core reasons for travelling and some of the best activities to try out for each, providing further inspiration on how to spend your time in one of our luxury abodes.


Not averse to the idea of jumping off a bridge with an elastic band tied round your feet, but adrenaline travellers do not always opt for thrill-seeking opportunities. Their sense of adventure is what drives them to try something new, hence perhaps why they have found themselves glamping in the first place. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, these kinds of glampers will often opt outside whatever the weather, as opposed to curling up in front of the fire in their luxury glamping abode.  They will often research the best places to partake in said adrenaline-fuelled activities and in the weeks before their holiday will spend hours browsing anything and everything from zipwire attractions to long hikes over the moors and will try and motivate travelling companions to be as enthusiastic as they are. This need for activity does not go well with crowds, so adrenaline travellers will often sacrifice a trip to the main tourist attraction of the area to escape the hustle and bustle, instead opting for something a little more obscure. This means they will see areas from a completely different perspective than the average holiday-maker, which can lead them to discovering an array of hidden gems within the area. Usually, this kind of traveller will opt for accommodation that is as exciting as their plans, making a treehouse the perfect glamping abode.

Adrenaline traveller


We’ve all heard of people travelling the world in order to find themselves, but here at Quality Unearthed, we think there’s no need to stray so far away from home. Usually solo-travellers but sometimes with a like-minded companion, soul-searchers will head to an abode in the middle of the woods to spend some quality time with nature, asking questions about who they really are all the while. The hectic nature of 21st-century lifestyles means that time to take for yourself is few and far between and people should make the most of the chance to look after number one for a change. Often, these types of travellers will make the most of the calm, peaceful and relaxing environment glamping provides and practice yoga or meditating whilst they are there. They may challenge themselves to something they never thought possible, such as climb a mountain or give surfing a go, but some may opt for a more chilled out holiday where they can truly connect with the world around them. Curious by nature, soul-searchers will enjoy exploring untrodden paths and discovering hidden gems that are off the beaten track. Mindful of the planet, soul-searchers are likely to be attracted by the green nature of glamping and may opt for an eco-pod or something similar as a result.

Yoga outside

The Romantic

Whether in a new relationship and looking to impress or hoping to spend some quality time with a long-term partner away from all the responsibilities of adult life, the romantic traveller will be overjoyed with their choice of glamping. The nature of the abodes mean that they are usually small and cosy, whilst some may even try glamping with a hot tub for the ultimate romantic break. Activities-wise, romantic travellers are more likely to opt for dinner for two at the local Michelin-star restaurant or a picnic at the beach at sunset with strawberries and a bottle of prosecco, but that doesn’t mean they can’t embark upon any number of day-time activities. Local attractions and activities will make memories that last a lifetime and you will be able to look back with fondness at your holiday in years to come. Upon returning to their abode, couples can wrap up warm with blankets and gaze up at the stars as it feels like you are the two in the world. Romantics are most likely to enjoy a wagon or a hut, where a they can cosy up next to each other and enjoy the romantic, rustic setting.

couple spending outside


Families with any number of children will enjoy an action-packed holiday while never being short of something to do – whatever the weather! Thanks to the often-rural locations of glamping abodes, families are never far away from a fantastic hike through the countryside or can head to the nearest forest to make a den. Children will burn through their energy at a day at the beach or running a kite through the nearby fields whilst visiting any family-friendly attraction in the vicinity. Evenings can be spent gathered around the campfire, perhaps trying out a couple of our 7 Top Campfire Snacks, telling stories and looking out for shooting stars. If the weather takes a turn for the worst during your holiday, fear not, you can either embrace the elements safe in the knowledge that a warm shower is never too far away or spend the day together in the glamping abode, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. Families will need slightly more room within their abode, meaning a yurt or a safari tent is the perfect option for their time away.

Child playing in fields

That concludes our guide to four of the core travelling groups that are likely to go glamping, the types of activities they may enjoy and which luxury abode is best suited for purpose. Which group do you fit into? Let us know via the comments on our social media channels!

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