With the end of 2016 fast approaching, the next few days are a time for reflection. Look back fondly over some treasured memories of the previous year as well as reflecting on the things you’ve learnt. The new year also provides the ideal opportunity to make any changes to your lifestyle or habits that will make for a healthy and happy 2017. Here is a list of some top New Year’s resolutions for you to pick and choose from:

Is glamping one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Go Glamping!

This resolution can be for both seasoned and first-time glampers alike, as it combines a mix of several popular goals people set for the year ahead, whether you aim to be outside as much as possible, get back to nature, be more active or even just trying something new! For more experienced glampers this can include trying a new form of accommodation such as a treehouse or yurt, or choosing a new area for your glamping adventures! Glamping is the perfect way to clear your head and mentally prepare you for whatever 2017 might throw at you.

Healthy eating

A popular target for many is to modify their eating habits, swapping pizza for parsnips and even just less food all together. Switching to a healthier diet can be difficult in terms of effort, taste and expense but with some decent determination you will be able to control how much you eat. Maintaining this diet will not be easy, but the positive effects it will have include feeling more energised, better sleeping patterns and greater self-confidence to name a few.

Go Green

Being more eco-friendly in 2017 is a great way to contribute to looking after our planet in the future. Linking back to the healthy eating, a great way to kill two birds with one stone is to reduce your weekly meat intake, resulting in healthier eating habits as well as being mindful of the environment. Recycle, reuse and realise that being green is so ‘in’ for next year.

Meet new people

If you’ve felt stuck in a rut this past year, it’s time to get out of the routine and seize every opportunity the new year throws at you so you won’t miss out on interesting experiences, networking and having fun. Building up the confidence to talk to new people can be tough, but ignore the shoulder demons, get out there and make some new friends!

Reduce stress

There’s no denying it, stress is the absolute worst. It can have a destructive impact on your work and social relationships as well as having detrimental effects on your health. The hectic nature of modern lifestyles means that stress is practically inevitable, whether it’s important business meetings getting you down or running out of milk on a hangover; you are likely to endure it on some level. Learning to relax properly and researching techniques of managing stress will assist you in reducing the overall impacts of stress.

Kick a habit

Whether it’s smoking, drinking or nail-biting, there’s no time like the new year to give up a bad habit. Although it’s tough to start with, the joys of being able to tell someone when your last cigarette was to the second is an unrivalled feeling of elation, albeit slightly dull for the recipient.

Be happy

As Bob Marley once said, don’t worry, be happy. Whilst we can’t rely on all of his song lyrics to teach us life lessons, Marley had a decent point to make in this case. A whole range of different factors that are out of your control could lead you to being miserable and it takes a vast amount of time and patience to learn how to make yourself happy. 2017 is the year to put number one first and go with the flow instead of swimming upstream.

Stick to them!

One of the biggest hurdles for people setting themselves New Year’s resolutions is sticking to them! As long as your goals are attainable and you are able to surround yourself with supportive friends and family, there’s no reason you can’t make changes to the way you live.

A great way to start the new year is with a glamping holiday to any one of our fantastic locations. A quirky break away is an incredible way to kick start 2017, and allows you to get in the right state of mind to conquer your upcoming challenges.

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