Glamping UK holidays are becoming increasingly popular as more people cotton on to the appealing nature of what a unique luxury camping break offers. Staycations are on the rise, enjoying the countryside in peace and quiet is alluring, and the variety of abodes and their styles? Well, they speak for themselves! So if you are thinking about going glamping you want to book a stay with a trusted source and not end up staying somewhere substandard.  The good news is that Quality Unearthed is right here to provide you with all your wants and needs. We’re tried and tested and we’re here to show you why you should choose us for your UK glamping holidays.

The sun setting on a single track road near Quality Unearthed

At Quality Unearthed it isn’t just about where you’re going to relax, it’s about the whole experience; discovering new places, trying new food and creating everlasting memories. Our focus is to find you unique places to stay, in areas of outstanding beauty, but what else do we aim to do for you? We have a few more for you to see below:


Giving You Peace of Mind

The Quality Unearthed team pay a visit to each and every accommodation personally. We do this before we offer it to any of our guests in order to ensure it provides the kind of experience we are able to recommend wholeheartedly.


A Little More About the Roots of Quality Unearthed

Quality Unearthed is the little sister company to the Rees family’s two pre-existing companies, Quality Cottages and Quality Villas. We say little sister, but she is growing up fast with her ever-increasing abode options! The family behind these unmistakable breaks and stays have been marketing and booking self-catering holiday accommodation for just short of 80 years now, so there’s a lot of knowledge to rely on when you choose a holiday with QU.


Tim Rees, who is the curator and creator of Quality Unearthed decided to branch out from the existing Quality Cottages holidays not long after taking up his role in 2010. Tim wanted to offer a complementary yet quite different company to add to the Quality family tree – and so Quality Unearthed was born. Tim pinpointed the rising need for holidays in unique holiday properties such as the yurts, eco pods, treehouses, cabins, wagons, and other quirky retreats, after spending a number of years gathering knowledge from residing in unusual places and working on off-grid homes.


Because of the time and experience that has been gained and shared within the family at Quality Unearthed, the whole team consider Quality Unearthed to epitomise a happy marriage between genuine personal interests and a growing need for uncommon types of vacations. Being aware that more and more of the population are searching for things in life that are good quality, authentic, or unique, the choice of holiday accommodation QU provides its guests reflects this in the best way possible.


A final word

Glamping and exclusive unique-style holidays away from the city are becoming so popular now that the team behind the scenes here at QU are continually striving to bring together more eclectic, hand-picked accommodation and locations for you to enjoy a break in. We want you to feel as though each one of our abodes has something quite special about it – maybe a view, location or character for example. And we hope that you can experience the love, hard work and dedication QU and the owners of these sublime properties have to share with you.


Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about us, we’d love to know what you think so please feel free to drop us a message on social media. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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