The gift giving experience is something that we have enjoyed for centuries, with the pleasure of opening a surprise present to giving the perfect gift being quite incomparable to anything else. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas gift, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day special, or simply a gift ‘just because’; we love them. However, the gift market has seen a shift in recent years, with people opting to give people experiences rather than material gifts. Read on to find out just a few of the reasons why giving experiences are better than materialistic gifts:

Beautiful sky over one of our glamping UK abodes – an experience gift

Making Memories

One of the greatest things about experience gifts is that you’ll often be doing something with a friend, family member or loved one. Be it a trip to a spa or a glamping UK trip, this is perfect for spending some quality time with one another and making memories that will last a lifetime. Memories are much more precious than materialistic gifts and will give a sense of happiness like no other. Plus, they are completely irreplaceable giving them a very high value!


An experience gift will always be unique, as although many other people have been gifted the same opportunity, every adventure is completely individual and unique! If you’re looking for the perfect present for the man (or woman) who has everything, an experience is the perfect option. Pick something that they will find challenging or relaxing depending on their personality and give them something truly individual that they will cherish for many years to come.

An Easy Option

Just because it is an easy option, that doesn’t make it a lazy one. The thoughtfulness that goes into the planning and purchasing of an experience is a large part of the gift itself, the receiver will appreciate the time and effort you’ve spent researching the activity, and you can do all the planning from the comfort of your own home! These experiences can often be booked at the very last minute, or months in advance – so no matter how good your organisational skills are, there’s an experience ready for you!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When you open a gift, the overwhelming sense of excitement fills you with pure joy. With some gifts, however, the joy can often vanish just moments after the opening – even if someone really loves what they have been given. With an experience, however, this excitement lasts, as the anticipation of the activity builds excitement that lasts. The gift of an experience is one that keeps on giving, from the moment the surprise is unveiled, and continues long after the experience has passed.

It’s Science

Science has proven time and time again that experiences are invaluable to our happiness levels. While a material gift may bring you happiness in the short term, an adventure, activity or experience will bring you a longer term high that will benefit your mental well-being. The act of sharing an experience with another also stimulates the release of happy endorphins within your body, as does sharing your stories and memories with others when you return! An experience becomes a part of you, therefore lasts your lifetime and can help you to keep those happy feelings for longer!


The experience gifting market is one that is ever growing, with more opportunities to do unusual and interesting things becoming available on a daily basis. Here are a few of our favourite experiences that you can give as a gift this year:

  • A glamping retreat to one of our many cosy abodes from a treehouse to a narrow boat
  • Afternoon tea for two
  • A vineyard tour and wine tasting
  • A horse riding adventure
  • Brewery tour and beer tasting session

We’d love to hear what you would most like to receive as an experience gift, let us know on Facebook (@QualityUnearthed), Instagram (@Quality_Unearthed) or Twitter (@QualityUnearthd)!

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