Summer has always been about socialising, enjoying the great outdoors in the sunshine and staying out until the night finally rolls around. It has always represented the youthful freedom we all crave in our lives, and perhaps this is why it’s considered the favourite season by so many.

It, therefore, is fitting that its opposite is so disdained, with winter often bringing people feelings of sluggishness or sadness. While it is true that winter brings us cold weather fronts and icy landscapes, it, too, brings us the opportunity to slow down and reflect upon our lives. A moment to pause and rest after the busy months, as well as appreciate the warmth that our homes bring regarding atmosphere and love.

Many people could find a new appreciation for the winter if they only re-evaluated how they spent their time during the season. With this feature, we will show you that with a few well-considered winter rituals you too could counteract those winter blues and discover a new love for the season of snow.



meditation pose.

What happens when animals hibernate? The answer is that their heart rates slow down and their breathing does too. This allows them to remain in a peaceful, harmonious state until they awake, conserving the much-needed energy they’ll need later. While we can’t hibernate all winter, we can learn some lessons from our furry friends when it comes to better breathing patterns.

Several reports indicate the physical and mental benefits of meditations, and even taking five minutes a day for meditation is enough to reap the rewards. For guidance, look towards the best-rated apps or follow YouTube tutorials.



feet in blanket.

There’s nothing like a chilly day to make you fall in love with warmth all over again! When people say they love the cold, more often than not they are actually referring to the activities they do to keep warm such as lazing by roaring fires, running hot baths or being huddled under warm blankets with a book. All of which can be very relaxing!

Ensuring you remain warm and toasty throughout the winter months will help eliminate any ill-will toward the season, but it will also help to prevent any colds or flu. No-one enjoys being sick, so if you have to go out this winter, remember to have adequate clothing suitable for the weather, this will help to lower the chances of catching a bug.


Night-time Appreciation

candles in night.

Winter shortens our days, and while this might be a pain for most of us, its a chance to appreciate the night! If you can brace the chill, head outside to watch the stars for a romantic evening with your partner.

Head back inside and light all the candles. The flames will give the illusion of warmth and will help to accentuate the feeling of cosiness; two elements you need for a romantic night in. The dreamy ambience will not only help to set the mood, but it has also been shown to reduce the levels of stress. Opt for scented candles to wake the senses and evoke memories or feelings.


Rest, Reflect and Remember


Take the slower pace of life as a chance to reflect; you may even consider starting up a journal to note your thoughts. Use this opportunity to evaluate the practices you will continue, the things in your life that you love and the patterns of behaviour you would like to let go off. Too often we fall into bad routines that have negative effects on our lives. Spend some time researching and considering new rituals that you can partake in to reach a better sense of self and remember to pat yourself on the back for all the great things you have achieved!

With all of this said, you should also rest during the winter period with a healthy, sleep ritual. The quality of sleep is just (if not more) important as the amount you get, so make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time, free from distractions. There’s nothing like a good cup of herbal tea to help you feel sleepy, or why not try a spot of yoga and meditation before hitting the hay?



walking in winter.

While you might think being outside is the last thing you want to do in the winter, walking can be a great way to de-stress. Walking has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels. It’s probably something to do with all that fresh air! Wrap up warm and discover new places this winter (or rediscover old ones). You should also consider taking a camera to get snaps of all the beautiful scenery or binoculars to watch the wildlife. You’ll be surprised how breath-taking and peaceful a winter scene can be.


Feed Your Soul

tea, books and daisies.

TV, smartphones and computers are usually the entertainment of choice for most of us, but why not try a new tradition? Reading is a great way to feed the mind, helping you to learn new stuff or even get your creative juices flowing. Lose yourself in the world of characters or learn about new cultures. Whatever your interests, ignite your passion for it with a page-turning book.



a log cabin fire with Quality Unearthed

Whilst you may think glamping is a summertime activity, glamping in the winter can be a fantastic way to spend your time. Imagine cosying up by a log fire in a log cabin or surveying the land from the window of your treehouse. There are so many people discovering a love for winter glamping! Wales, England and even France, wherever you want to go, Quality Unearthed has the perfect abode for you, it’s just waiting to be booked!

We hope you enjoyed our winter-warming piece. If you have any other winter rituals, let us know via our social media channels.

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