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why you should put a wood burner in your glamping abode

If you’re considering creating or redesigning a glamping abode, have you researched which features are essential in attracting visitors to stay? Apart from the appeal of staying in the great outdoors in luxury, there are certain elements that can seal the deal for prospective customers, and we have to stress that a wood burner is one of the top features.

Wood burner in the living room of cabin lodge.

Firstly, what log cabin is complete without the classic wood burner? There is nothing more magical for visitors than gathering up the wood and settling down on the sofa, feet up, as the fire burns long into the evening. If you’re not convinced, why not read the feature by Sian Lewis, Countryfile journalist, who talks about the time she came to Mrs Higgs Lodge to escape reality for a couple of days? She loved nothing more than creating her own fire, and getting back to basics!

And it’s not just log cabins that benefit from having a wood burner feature; the wood burner is the perfect element to add to the heart of a yurt. After a long day of exploring, your visitors and their loved ones can gather around to discuss the day’s adventure and maybe roast a marshmallow, or two, on the fire!

Wood burner in yurt.

As well as providing ambience, a wood burner is a great aesthetic feature for your glamping abode, adding a quintessential charm that has become associated with yurt holidays.

In addition, they serve their fundamental purpose of providing warmth. The British weather can be unpredictable at times and the evenings can be known for being a little on the chilly side, and this thought may make the great outdoors have less appeal for potential customers. However, the lure of gathering around a warm wood burner and being cuddled up with your loved ones could secure the conversion for your glamping abode.

Wood burners can also serve as a means to cook food and brew some water for tea- which allows your accommodation to become self-catering. This is particularly appealing for families who may not want to spend a copious amount of money on eating out.

Wood burner stove in safari tent.

So, with these reasons in mind, we highlight some recommended companies to source a unique wood burning stove for your glamping abode:


Wood burning stoves can vary in price and size, depending on your requirements. It is always best to consider what you need from the wood stove burner before committing to a purchase. Below, we have listed some of our top recommendations to help you in your research process.

Windy Smithy offers a range of models, ranging from the small Wendy stove for around £230 up to £790 for the Henry Ranger.

Our very own Managing Director, Tim, uses the Windy Smith Henry wood burner in his own yurt, and has done for the last seven years! The Henry is great because it lights easily, generating heat relatively quickly and remains burning. The Henry is perfect in small yurt glamping abodes, in addition to log cabins or static summer homes. The Henry also comes with the ability to add on a 4-6000 btu Back Boiler that has the capability to heat a radiator; all for the attractive price of £330 (additional fees may apply).

If you’re looking for something a little larger for your log cabin, for example, then look no further than the top of the range, Henry Ranger wood burning stove by Windy Smith. This popular model sports a large oven that equals the size of most common caravan ovens. The stove allows you to reposition the baffle to direct smoke out from below or above the oven itself, allowing for you to easily incorporate it into the design of your glamping abode. The oven is also removable, making for easy cleaning. An additional 4-6000 btu Back Boiler is also available for this wood burner which will allow you to heat a small radiator.

All Windy Smith wood burners are made in Britain. You can see the full collection here.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Iron Shirt stoves who arguably provide some of the most unique wood burning stoves in the entirety of the UK. Iron Shirt wood burning stoves have even featured at festivals such Green Gathering and Sunrise. Iron Shirt is a company owned by Grant Oatley; he began making wood burners back in 1995. He takes recycled old gas cylinders and turns them into fantastic wood burners. Iron Shirt wood burners are made up of the finest-quality materials, and Grant can provide his expert advice on what he thinks would be best for your glamping abode. Alongside the classic stoves available, Iron Shirt can create bespoke wood burners to meet your requirements in both design and space. Get in touch with them today by visiting the website.

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