The world’s biggest solar powered car race officially began this Sunday. The World Solar Challenge 2015 left from Darwin, in the northern region of Australia, and will finish 1,864 miles later in the southern coastal city of Adelaide.

Solar power cars do tours of Australia

Having been held every two years since 1987,  this year’s challenge will see 46 solar powered cars from 25 different countries tear across the Australian desert in the hope of being crowned the World Solar Challenge champions of 2015.

Racing to defend their position as champions are last year’s victors, Team Nuon, who have come all the way from the Netherlands to compete.

The competition, which encourages research on eco-friendly and solar powered vehicles, includes competitors from universities, corporations, and even high-schools. In a race that so heavily depends on weather, teams must effectively manage their remaining resources and power consumption in order to complete the demanding long haul race. Team members will follow their solar powered vehicles in escort cars, in order to receive data from the vehicles and help them decide on the most effective driving strategies.

The race route will take competitors through the beautiful outback town of Alice Springs, which is a popular destination in Australia. Race organisers expect the first cars to cross the finish line on Wednesday, three whole days after the start of the race.

We’d love to see this kind of thing near luxury camping UK destinations!

Image: Hideki Kimura under Creative Commons.

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