If you have ever been on a luxury glamping holiday, you may well have used renewable energy, such as a solar-powered shower. This is the type of thing that has led to the International Energy Agency (IEA) being able to release news that the capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources on a global scale has now been successful in succeeding coal.

A windfarm producing renewable energy near Quality Unearthed

The IEA recently spoke about the new report released, in which it shows that last year, renewables accounted for in excess of 50% of the increase in power capacity.

The report shows that as many as half a million solar panels were installed on a daily basis in 2015, internationally.

China was mentioned in the report, as the country erected two wind turbines set up every hour!

So far, renewables have taken the reins in terms of the capacity to generate power over coal, so it’s a case of waiting a little longer until we see renewable energy superseding the level of electricity produced.

Due to the fact that renewables aren’t currently able to run in non-intermittent fashion – relying on wind or sunlight, etc., and coal can produce electricity for every hour in a day, renewables unavoidably create less energy than their capacity-potential allows for.

However, the news from the report is a landmark in the shift from non-renewables, and is a serious development.

The growth of the world’s renewable capacity echoes the cost reductions we have seen for solar panels, as well as onshore wind renewables, something that has been highlighted as “impressive” and “unthinkable just five years ago”, in the report.

Furthermore, the IEA has said we should expect to see this movement of diminishing costs to continue as we move forward, something that will come as welcome news to those who are looking to secure the planet’s welfare for future generations.

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