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year of discovery: wellness and self-discovery

Last month we introduced our series of the Year of Discovery in Wales and looked at all the many things you can do with a visit to Wales. Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, finding yourself in a journey of self-discovery is an important objective for everyone, as we all embark on a quest to “know thyself” and what that means for your emotions, decisions and life choices in 2019. Here at Quality Unearthed, we think that wellness is a vital part of the journey, learning to put yourself first when you need to and ensuring you keep time to yourself amidst the ever-increasing stresses of 21st-century life. We’ve taken a look at the role played by wellness on this journey of self-discovery and how to make the right choices for a healthy and fulfilling year ahead.

The National Wellness Institute identifies six dimensions of wellness. Each of these will be explored in relation to self-discovery and how you can live your best life in 2019 and beyond!


The dimension of emotion recognises the awareness and acceptance of your own feelings, including the extent of which you feel positive about the current lifestyle you lead. It includes establishing and maintaining relationships with others, the ability to express feelings effectively and make decisions based on how you know they’ll make you feel. Emotional wellness is all about the promotion of optimism in the place of pessimism across all walks of life and the comprehension that it’s better to recognise and deal with our feelings rather than deny them.


This refers to the idea that one’s career can contribute to wellness through personal satisfaction and enrichment of work and the opportunities for development that it provides. In essence, this revolves around choosing a career that is consistent with personal values, interests and beliefs. Not only does this result in an increase in happiness within yourself, but your attitude and relationship towards working on the whole is likely to improve tenfold. Those who are motivated to work hard in their line of work are more likely to develop and perfect a range of transferable skills, both of which can contribute towards more opportunities in the future. Given that the average working week consists of just under 40 hours, it makes sense to spend such a substantial amount of time doing something you enjoy. Establishing a positive work/life balance is essential to achieving occupational wellness and taking regular breaks to switch off, log-out of emails and escape to some far away, luxurious cabin in the middle of nowhere might be just what you need. If this sounds appealing to you, let us know, we might just be able to arrange it…

Practising yoga for mindfulness in Wales


This dimension of wellness recognises the important role played by physical activity, encouraging knowledge of diet and nutrition while highlighting the risks involved with tobacco, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. This includes striving for building physical strength, flexibility and endurance, which is why the idea of wellness is often associated with activities such as yoga and Pilates. Any exercises that can be completed in natural environments will be even more effective. That said, physical wellness is not restricted to what you eat and how active you are. The ability to recognise when you have a minor illness such as a cold, listen to your body and take a step back from your daily engagements to rest. Looking and feeling good will not only help you to achieve wellness, but contribute towards enhanced self-control, self-esteem and evoke the positive feelings associated with accomplishment.


Social wellness refers mainly to how you treat others, and the environment or community that surrounds you. Those that achieve social wellness will put the welfare of their community before themselves and live in harmony with others rather than in conflict. For this to truly play a part in your journey to self-discovery, this must include everyone from your nearest and dearest to your neighbour four houses down the road. This often works in conjunction with your social responsibility to look after the natural environment to the best of your ability.

Natural settings in Wales


Intellectual wellness means not only to increase, expand and develop one’s knowledge but also to share this understanding with others. Achieving this dimension involves pursuing your interests, reading books, magazines and newspapers and challenging your mind creatively whenever possible. Encourage new experiences that provide an opportunity for learning and the more these connect to understanding our environment, the better.


This dimension acknowledges our curiosity about the purpose of human existence, including an appreciation for the world around us. It recognises the various feelings, both positive and negative, that are important to self-discovery. Once you achieve spiritual wellness, you will notice your actions becoming even more consistent with your beliefs and values, shaping the way you look at the world and creating somewhat of a “view” that will be important in future decisions. One key aspect of spiritual wellness is toleration and your role here is not to attempt to change the beliefs and attitudes of others, but be accepting of all, regardless of whether their “view” is aligned with yours.

Discover history in Wales

That concludes our look at the six dimensions of wellness and how they can help you on your journey to self-discovery. Here at Quality Unearthed, we believe there’s a lot to be said for taking a break from your hectic lifestyle, reconnecting with nature and spending quality time with those who mean the most, and glamping seems to do tick all three boxes! If a break to the middle of nowhere in Wales, glamping with loved ones, appeals to you, then browse the various glamping abodes available online today, and book your staycation for 2019!

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