Yurt glamping holidays - a different view from home -

yurt glamping holidays – a different view from home

In ‘Grand Designs’ the eminent Channel Four series, Kevin Mcloud indulges the nation’s quest to find the perfect landscape to build a home. He unravels our love to personalise the elements and frame picturesque contours to relish over a lifetime. For many, our morning vista remains constant and is enjoyed over steaming cups of coffee for years to come. Family homes nurture generations and its four walls stay firmly in the ground for warmth, comfort and familiarity. That is home.

What if..

What if for a couple of weeks in the year those four walls could grow legs and seek out a vista that could turn your coffee into a double whammy full fat Cappuccino?

If place where no restriction, distance no burden and load no impossibility, what view would you go hunting for and set up home for the night? A snowy capped mountain range, a daring forest or a yellow meadow to roam?

The Kazakhs of Xinjiang and the Mongolians of northern China welcome their mornings with a vibrant cocktail of vistas throughout the year. As seasons change and demands of cattle heighten, their yurts are carefully disassembled, neatly loaded onto horses and journeyed to their next view for the night.

For them, home is not a constant landscape but a kaleidoscope of journeys, stories told by campfire and stars to guide the way.

Yurt Glamping Holidays

Quality Unearthed would like to share a couple of yurts they have to offer in some pretty fabulous landscapes. If you haven’t yet experienced relaxation in a yurt, then please put it on the cards. Although four walls have an important part in nurturing our souls, the yurt’s nimbly crafted structure, subtle presence amongst nature and beautiful traditional interior brings a new found meaning to home. One of simple intimacy, openness to wonder and breathtaking memories to cherish.

One friend visited my yurt on a warm spring day last year and left a comment that is hard to forget, he said “you know, it’s very hard to be angry in here!”.

The before imaginings of ‘what if’ are now questioned by the invitation, ‘why not?’

so… why not check out our yurt glamping holidays here in the UK – Amazing yurt holidays

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