Glamping in Limousin


A unique experience that all should try; Glamping is an excellent way of enjoying the peaceful remoteness of camping without the stresses of setting up your site. Experience nature like never before with one of our glamping getaways.


From the comfort of your luxurious glamping abode, you can enjoy quiet, moonlit evenings with the coos of local wildlife and the naturally lit night sky. Wake to the beautiful sunrise beaming across the nearby waterways and delightful views of dense shrubbery and luscious green fields. 


Glamping in the gorgeous region of Limousin in France provides you with a variety of places to visit when you decide to step out of your abode. With the historic city of Aubusson and rocky Massif Central mountains, the list of significant sites goes on. The region of Limousin is vast with plenteously to explore.


Treat yourself today to an unforgettable experience with one of our glamping abodes in Limousin.

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Centre (Centre-Val De Loire) , France
Sleeps 4
0 Bedrooms

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